REVIEW: 5 Things We Learnt At GTM 2016 Bendigo

Monday, May 2, 2016

Saturday was Bendigo’s turn to show off how they groove and moo. Groovin the Moo promised to be a kickass dayregardless of the forecasted rain. With so many local acts at the same festival, how could you not want to be there? Here are the five things I learnt at Groovin the Moo Bendigo 2016.

It’s time organisers of festivals start giving Harts a later slot:
Now this isn’t some sort of attack on organisers by any means, every festival I’ve ever attended has had Harts on an early time slot. At Splendour in the Grass last year, Harts had a 12pm timeslot and yet he dominated the festival and played to a packed out tent. With his insane live vocals, on-stage presence and guitar shredding he dominates every festival he plays. He’s starting to rack up the hits too, with songs such as ‘Red and Blue’, ‘Breakthrough’, ‘When A Man’s A Fool’ and ‘Peculiar’ all receiving mass radio play, he’s also beginning to become widely noticed. If there is anyone you need to keep on your radar this year, it’s this talented guy—before you know it, he’s going to be everywhere.

PSA to people at festivals – pick up your damn trash:
Come on guys, it isn’t that hard.

Australian rap dominated, international rap fell flat:
Danny Brown performed well as always, I can’t find any faults from this set. What made his set a little lacklustre was the fact I doubt that many of the festival-goers knew who he was (well, that’s my subjective view). What made me come to this conclusion was the mass exodus of fans after The Rubens finished their set. Though international hip-hop may not be something that the folks of GTM Bendigo were familiar with, they sure love their Australian rap. How can they not? Though I personally don’t pay attention to Australia’s rap scene, the performances I saw on Saturday proved to me that we have a lot of talent. Ivan Ooze was the first of our rappers to hit the stage, and if you weren’t already awake, you were after his set. Then came Dylan Joel, who drew in a lot of fans to his set. After that was award-winning rapper and the immensely talented Remi—he killed it on stage and brought the energy in truck loads. After that was Drapht, who is legendary in the Australian hip-hop world. The main event was Illy, who brought out everything from smoke machines to his good mates Peking Duk. Songs like ‘Tightrope’ went off, but it was when the lads of Peking Duk came out and played a remix of their hit ‘High’ that things got a little crazy (in the best possible way).

People love confetti….oh, and Twenty One Pilots:
If you ask anyone who was at Moo on the weekend, they would say that one of the most memorable moments was when the lads from Twenty One Pilots went into the crowd with their drums and made it rain with confetti. It was one of them picturesque moments that you didn't want to miss.

Take a bow Olympia, Emma Louise and Ngaiire:
Not only did Olympia release one of the best albums of 2016 last week, she further proved her amazing talent during her set whilst opening up the festival. Emma Louise wowed the audience in her teal colour pant suit (I need to get me one of these asap). Her melodies are intricate and her vocals are extremely beautiful. It was a true pleasure watching her perform live, and she was definitely a highlight from the day. Ngaiire also showed off her powerful vocals in the fiercest way possible.

Written by Amy Smolcic
Photos by Kristy Smolcic