EP REVIEW: Trè Samuels — ‘Lost in Translation’

Monday, June 20, 2016

Trè Samuels’ debut EP ‘Lost in Translation’ (L.I.T.) gives its listeners slick and emotionally charged tracks that are sure to satisfy those late night R&B cravings. 

He may look young and boy-like with his curly hair and that innocent look in his eyes, but don’t let Trè’s model looks fool you. This guy can deliver some pretty hard hitting tracks worthy of a place amongst today’s R&B stars. 

Do your ears a favour and listen to this L.I.T. with headphones, because man, this is how you get the full effect of Trè’s soul and passion.  With the foundation of funky bass and gooey electro synth beats, L.I.T. is full of songs that explore the emotions and inner workings of the Melbourne native. 

My favourite track off L.I.T. is Flying Without You because it showcases Trè’s impressive vocal capability alongside a groovy musical arrangement. The composition and lyricism in L.I.T. give off an air of maturity and reckless abandon.  There is a soulfulness and vulnerability in Trè’s voice that is similar to artists like Frank Ocean and James Blake. Crediting Miguel and Marvin Gaye as some of his musical idols, it is easy to see where Trè draws his smooth singing style.  For example, in ‘Come Down’ where Tre emotionally serenades us with the line “This what you want to do? We can dance if you want to change the tempo.” Goosebumps.

Trè is unique to other young artists that have entered the music industry at his age. He is more on par with someone like Spooky Black, who doesn’t seem to conform to the commercially successful pop tunes that many young artists tend to go for. Instead, Trè decides to stay true to the music that speaks to him and suits his style. With features from industry pros such as Anthony Liddell, Sensible J and Silent Jay, Trè has released an EP that is fresh and exciting. 

To me, L.I.T. sounds like an EP that has been given a lot of time, thought and effort, and Trè’s hard work and dedication has paid off.  After listening to ‘Lost in Translation,’ I fully believe that Trè Samuels has the makings of becoming an international Soul/R&B star.

Written by Sallie Rodriguez