INTERVIEW: We Have A Chat With Ngaiire

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

We chat to the wonderful Ngaiire all things Blastoma, touring and her massive plans for 2016 and beyond. Scroll down for her current tour dates.

You have spent the last two years on your new album 'Blastoma'. Are you excited to finally have it out?
Yeah, I am, but also a little bit sad at the same time. It's funny with albums; it's kinda like “what do I do next” But yeah it's good to get it out to the people!

Awesome, your latest single from it was “House On A Rock”, have you been getting a good response from this and the other singles that have been released?
I'm really happy with how it all came about. I think it has really set up the whole run really well, it's great that people have loved it as much as they did, it's pretty out there so I'm surprised that people dug it as much as they did.

You have been getting some amazing praise for the album, does this give you confidence in how it is all going to go?
It does, but it's also a bit see things heading north and see things progressing at a nice steady rate, and you think “oh my god! What if something happens?!” and “What if it all stops?”, so it gets easier, and it gets harder at the same time.

Kinda builds up the pressure for next time?

You have come a long way since finding success in Australian Idol, and you have been a former backup singer for many great bands including Chet Faker, Blue King Brown and Blue Juice, are you super excited to get out and do more of your own thing?
Yeah, this album has opened up a lot more doors, and it's almost like it's a new chapter like I am starting again, starting a journey that is new to me. I haven't had this much there is a lot of learning still to be done.

Now you are not a stranger to the Like a Version stage, but you got to do your own this time with an amazing cover of Tame Impala's “The Less I Know The Better”. How did that go for you?
It was very nerve-racking! Usually with Like a Versions, they only give you two weeks’ notice, so we were madly scurrying around, thinking of what song to do and then we had one rehearsal with the band, and it was so complicated with the beat and just getting the timing right. I left the studio saying “let’s never do that again!” (laughs) But then we were surprised, it was a polarizing response from people, they either loved it or really fucking hated it! Which I think is great! It got a reaction out of people!

You also have a few festivals under your belt now with playing at Glastonbury, Falls Festival last year, and Groovin the Moo earlier this year. Do you prefer playing them or the smaller more intimate gigs?
I definitely prefer playing my own shows, you know people are paying to see just you and not just filling in time between 20 other bands. And I do enjoy the intimacy when playing my own shows!

You also have Splendour In the Grass coming up. Are you excited for that one?
It will be my first time playing Splendour by myself; I have only ever done it with other bands. And Byron is where I grew up as well so I love getting the opportunity to get back up there!

Now you have your Blastoma National tour happening now too, what can we expect from these shows?
Well, we haven't been touring with a drummer the past two years, but we have just added one and obviously my backing vocalists! If people aren't watching me they are watching them, they just look like they are having so much fun, and that makes everyone else fun, and I think people love that we portray that.

Sounds great! So what's next?
We start writing the next album next month, and I think that will be a faster turnaround this time. And then I started my own record label so we will start figuring out what I want to do in the bigger picture wise, so yeah, it's going to be a big second half of the year!

Fantastic! Well thank you so much for chatting with me today, and I can't wait to hear the next album!
Thank you so much.

Written by Emily O'Brien

Catch Ngaiire at her remaining tour dates below:

Friday 24 June - Karova Lounge, Ballarat
Saturday 25 June - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Saturday 2 July - The Foundry, Brisbane
Wednesday 6 July - Festival of Voices, Hobart
Friday 8 July - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Saturday 9 July - Transit Bar, Canberra