MUSIC VIDEO: Nicholas Allbrook — 'A Fool There Was'

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pond frontman and former Tame Impala member, Nicholas Allbrook has made a comeback with his new music video 'A Fool There Was', taken from his forthcoming album ‘Pure Gardiya’. It is the second song from the album, with the lead single ‘Advance’ snatching a well-deserved 100K plus listens online. The LP, which is set for release this Friday via Spinning Top Records, will be the second album to solely bear Allbrook’s name. 

The accompanying video, which Allbrook describes as a ‘bizarre, confused circus’, is a perfect preview of this upcoming, self-reflective album which will give us insight into the world of our favourite eccentric and wonderful psychedelic Australian artist. 

The video is a cheap but well produced Australian DIY homage to the 90’s French Rocker Alain Bashung’s video for “Osez Josephine”, which Allbrook says to be "probably the best video ever". 

A single slice of bizarre visual heaven, it was made with the help of Allbrook’s dearest friends such as artist Peter Bibby and long-time collaborator Matt Sav, who Allbrook says “as always...floated in like a majestic pelican to make it all actually truly beautiful”. And the final product is nothing short of truly beautiful. 

Inspired by a walk on the Bibulman track, the video sees Allbrook ruminating on his Australian roots. It cuts between slow motion shots of an Indigenous man running solely in his underwear covered in white traditional body paint and Allbrook grooving out to his psychedelic magic tunes in the middle of a car park in Lathain with his dear friend Eva Noillet. Accompanied by celebratory shots of Allbrook’s close friends, the video comes together beautifully to express the Perth multi-instrumentalist’s most experimental music yet.

Written by Dunja Karagic