SINGLE REVIEW: Chymes — 'Clouds'

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New South Wales electro-pop duo Chymes has dropped yet another slick track titled ‘Clouds’ from their EP ‘Grow’. This track is filled to the brim with enchanting electronic beats, and vulnerable lyrics and will tingle all your senses and leave you woozy with delight. 

Everything about ‘Clouds’ is a delicate balance. The voices of Cameron Taylor and Kiersten Nyman singing in unison sound so effortless, like a light breeze navigating its way through the ebb and flow of the song. ‘Clouds’ is a story of letting go, and the lyrics’ emotional prose has been cleverly reflected onto the music itself. At times, there is a sense of push and pull between the vocals and the beats, emulating the uncertainty that comes with putting one’s self out there and embracing vulnerability.

‘Clouds’ is the kind of track that you’d listen to on repeat with headphones on. Cameron’s flitting beats and mellow tunes compliment Kiersten’s futuristic vocal tone, and together, the duo has created a unique electro-pop sound that is like velvet to the ears.

Following the success of their debut single ‘Oracle,’ Chymes have done nothing but give their local and international fans sensational tunes. Their EP ‘Grow’ is filled with incredible music just like ‘Clouds’ that are sure to transport you to another world and gently rock you to a sweet, ethereal dream. 

Written by Sallie Rodriguez