SINGLE REVIEW: G.O.O.D Music — 'Champions'

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kanye has once again proven he has his finger on the pulse of hip-hop culture by bringing together some of the biggest names in rap at the moment. The first single off the upcoming G.O.O.D Music Collaboration album entitled (for now) ‘Cruel Winter’, is slated for release sometime later this year (for now). 

So who are these big names? Kanye has formed the Rap Avengers on this track. Fresh out the feds we got Gucci Mane, who seems to be dropping a track with big name rappers every day since being released from prison. We also have 2Chainz, Big Sean, Travis Scott, Yo Gotti, Quavo, and Desiigner. 

The track has seven verses and is packed to the brim with features and is pretty overwhelming. Any single potential was killed just from the near 6 minute track (with promises of an extended version that could go for 12 minutes). 

Everyone comes through with entertaining verses, nothing amazing, which I found odd. Normally on a cut like this rappers tend to compete with one another but it seems that everyone on the track was just there to have fun and celebrate being champions in their field. This track is an anthem banger, a way for a bunch of rappers to state their place in the game.

The track is a club tune, heavy bass auto-tuned hook, all the ingredients needed to make a banger.  The hook is very catchy for the most part and acts as a nice refresher from all the verses.  

Just a quick ranking because why not, not counting Travis Scott or Desiigner as they only feature on the hook. 
  1. Kanye West
  2. 2 Chainz
  3. Gucci Maine 
  4. Big Sean
  5. Yo Gotti
  6. Quavo

At this rate, Cruel Winter will be just wall to wall bangers and I cannot wait. The only thing I'm wondering is who won’t be on this album?

Written by Rhys Prka