SINGLE REVIEW: Montaigne — 'Because I Love You'

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Montaigne’s new single ‘Because I Love You’ is the perfect combination of wit and wonder. A surefire dance hit, this song’s catchy beat will keep you moving and grooving all night long.  

Jessica Cerro, the woman behind Montaigne, knows her way around the musical landscape. Her unique and emotional vocals match perfectly with the sharp chord progressions of the piano. Somewhat of a musical extravaganza, ‘Because I Love You’ is jam packed with influences from disco, classical music and pop, and features an array of instruments like the guitar, drums, piano, synth, flute and strings (maybe even a whole orchestra?).  

The track is a cautionary tale of how love can truly blind us from reality. In the chorus, Jessica boldly sings: “My parents feel that this is a waste of time…I tell them all that they are wrong because I love you.”  But instead of being a song of sadness and loss, Jessica has crafted a track that is more about redemption and letting go. The music in ‘Because I Love You’ is redeeming, and sounds like the ultimate musical F.U. to the person that she used to love. 

To me, the track is like being handed a box of Favourites because it is filled with such a huge range of musical elements that somehow end up fitting perfectly together. At some points of the song, I hear a little bit of Talking Heads (especially the synth beats) and Enya (the strings), two artists that would usually have little relation to each other. And yet, Montaigne has created a new breed of pop music that is infectious and creative.   

‘Because I Love You’ is only the tip of the iceberg. With a highly anticipated debut album due in the next few months, I am sure that Montaigne will surprise us with some more dance floor worthy tunes.

Written by Sallie Rodriguez