SINGLE REVIEW: Young Vincent — 'Run'

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Melbourne trio Young Vincent has just released their amazing fourth single titled ‘Run.’ A song about the confusion and uncertainty that comes with love, this song invites listeners to think and reflect about their personal relationships using its unique alternative folk sound.

Young Vincent was built on a foundation of friendship and the ambition to raise money for charity. This strong bond between the members can clearly be heard in their sound. Young Vincent’s songs like ‘Run', have a sense of purpose, with its smooth harmonies accompanied by a thoughtful arrangement of string, drums and guitar that is sure to brighten your day. 

However, upon looking at ‘Run’ a little bit closer, I began to realise that it was more than just a fun tune to listen to. ‘Run’ is like one of those incredible songs you find on an indie film (probably featuring someone like Zach Braff or Zoe Kazan) that just hits you in the face unexpectedly. My favourite line from the song is: “I am sorry if you think that’s wrong, oh maybe I’m just done. I’ll just let my innocence move on, oh maybe that’s what’s wrong.” The song’s lyrics are vulnerable and personal, and help set the scene for some life-changing plot twist. The bridge is powerful, emotional and somewhat reminiscent. That’s some very heavy lump-in-your-throat kind of stuff. 

While they may be new kids on the block, the sweet and warm sound of Young Vincent is extremely special and will be the source of their future success. With an upcoming Aussie tour this year, Young Vincent is a band that you do not want to miss.

Written by Sallie Rodriguez