Wednesday, July 20, 2016

BadBadNotGood is not your typical jazz quartet. Hailing from Toronto they are kinda the youthful rebels in the jazz scene, reimagining hip-hop, whilst sampling it.

Their first two efforts BBNG 1 and BBNG 2 reimagined famous hip hop beats, from Kanye to Gucci Maine. However with BBNG 3 and this latest release they have started to make their own original material, something I am so happy they did. However last year’s project Sour Soul with Ghostface Killah was one the best, instrumentally, the band has made. BadBadNotGood has done something I never thought would be possible, they have given jazz a new coat of paint for a generation that has mainly moved away from the genre. By not taking themselves too seriously, incorporating hip hop and a youthful attitude has helped their rise in the past few years. Even their live performances are hyped. Personally, I saw them in Perth and their show was more intense and energetic than nearly any artists I had ever seen (The drummer also gave me his drumstick and the whole band signed it #subtlebrag).

BBNG have vocal features on this album, Mick Jenkins on Hyssop Of Love, Charlotte Day Wilson on In Your Eyes, and Sam Herring on Time Moves Slow. While all great artists respectively I feel they just don’t fit well on this album, it throws out the structure, as the full instrumental songs seem like interludes for the vocal performances, and personally, I would have preferred an album with no vocal features. The songs are good don’t get me wrong, but maybe on a separate project? Just to keep this one more cohesive.

The album also bounces around genres a fair bit and BBNG, as always, execute perfectly, from the synth-infused Lavender with Kaytranada to the hip-hop stylings of Hyssop Of Love. BBNG constantly sway between genres, nothing too extreme, but enough to keep the album interesting from front to back.

I feel that this album though intrigued me less, whilst still good, they seemed to lose that exploration and intrigue, maybe because they have gotten older, or they have decided to stay in their space, who knows, but I personally would have enjoyed they pushed the envelope a bit more, tried to reinvent. I’m not saying that they have to, but it would have been a nice addition to an already great album.

Written by Rhys Prka

Rating: 8/10
Fav Tracks: Lavender, Confessions Pt.II, Speaking Gently,
Least Fav: Structure No.3
Release Date: 8th July
Innovative Leisure