Monday, July 11, 2016

With two sold out shows in Melbourne at 170 Russell and a venue jam packed with excited punters, Glass Animals exhibited a show that was very intimate and tantalizingly filled with entertainment. 
The night began with support band, Kllo. Their vibes of electronic style fitted the night blissfully, not shying away from the fact that they were a band very similar in style to Glass Animals sound. They took punters however into a soothing, more relaxing state, teasing fans with new songs from their expected new ep 'Well Worn' which visibly the crowd seemed to enjoy through their warming up stage. The room at this point was filling up very early on this gig, which brought alot of potential for a big night ahead. The stage was set, the room was packed, it was time for Glass Animals to release their funk. They opened their set with new song 'Life Itself'. Risky opening up with a new song however fans seemed to take to it well, with the sing-a-longs starting very early on. You could see on lead singer Dave's face that he was utterly surprised. After this they the transitioned into older material including 'Hazey' and the obvious crowd favourite 'Gooey'. The guys also gave a taste of their new material from their newly expected Album 'How To Be A Human Being', which fans didn't shy away from and still kept dance movements flowing. Stand out moment from this show however was the energy that Dave was providing. You could not keep your eyes off him. He made you feel cost with him taking his shoes off mid way through the show and also took time to engage with the crowd, calling them 'wicked' during sing-a-longs. He would randomly leap into the crowd making you feel on the edge of your feet. The intimacy leave however was stepped up a notch when it came to Encore time. The crew had preformed their cover of Kanye Wests 'Love Lockdown' which they had originally covered for Triple J's Like A Version. This saw Dave leap into the mosh pit before the song, through what was a jam packed mosh pit, heading towards the middle of the room, standing on top of what i was assuming was a lounge chair and giving off a performance of the cover that fans will not forget. 

Written by Emily O'Brien