SINGLE REVIEW: Harts — 'Power'

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Anyone who doesn’t melt at the sound of Harts is an absolute loon, and I am not ashamed to say it! Having killed it at Splendour in the Grass over the weekend, Hart’s has been going hell for leather on the stage in Australia and overseas in the past few months, and no one is complaining.  This latest drop 'Power' is blues/rock at its best.  With stunning reverb and gorgeously little-articulated hooks throughout, Harts has once again proved that rock and roll are not dead.  

'Power' from the upcoming album ‘Smoke Fire Hope Desire’ is the product of a one-man show Darren Hart composing, arranging, producing, recording, mixing and writing and performing….does the guy draw breath? He is certainly the whole package and a blur on the landscape of contemporary Australian blues/rock.  

After the success of Peculiar earlier this year, 'Power' presents an altogether simpler take on Hart’s signature shred but staying true to the peaking and effervescent vocals that accompany each one of his songs.  He is nothing short of a guitar wizard and 'Powe'r does not fall far from what we have come to expect concerning his musical prowess. 

That slap bass is so solid throughout and the layering of the vocals and electric, with just a taste of catchy drum, bursting out from behind.  Listen to it once and then listen to it again, realising that this whole thing was a one guy gig…. mind blown. 

Harts is transformative and honest; he fuses funk, blues and classic rock in the least contrived way possible. 'Power' is anthemic and filled with the promise of what is sure to be a stunning album in ‘Smoke Fire Hope Desire’.  Certainly, can’t wait to hear more of what’s to come. 

Written by Freya McGahey