SINGLE REVIEW: Nick Waterhouse — 'It's Time'

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Nick Waterhouse’s newest single, ‘It’s Time’, features a fine blend of jazz fusion and contemporary rhythm. A track from his third album Never Twice, its bluesy swing will make you want to click your fingers and tap your feet.

Rich and fulfilling, the music showcases a smorgasbord of instruments that will take you on a journey back to the booming 50’s—to the era of pinstripe suits and glossy curls. The chords of the brass guitar combined with the beats of the drums form a harmonious, enriching timbre that matches the resonance of Waterhouse’s vocal prowess. His booming voice carries undertones of modulated huskiness; executing a flawless cadence that flows with the soul. 

Behind Waterhouse’s blue-eyed soul track is a story about a man who has had his share of biding his time and is ready to claim his rightfully-earned homage. He expresses woe over being stuck in a stagnant phase, insinuating his duty to finally make the call that “it’s time”. Take in the following lyrics: “Just waiting for you to tell me it’s time/ Keeping my head well-trained/ Just once I want to hear/ That something is mine.” This powerhouse of a song permeates an energy of a force to be reckoned with after a lifetime of waiting and anticipation. 

A great comeback into the jazz blues scene, ‘It’s Time’ sets the tone for the rest of his album, Never Twice. Expect upbeat vibes, instrumental consonance and soulful lyrics to spice up your eardrums with its release on September 30. 

Written by Suzan Calimli