VIDEO REVIEW: Little May — 'Where Do You Sleep'

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sydney girls Little May have been delivering consistently since their debut album for the Company was released in 2015. 

The latest from the Indie Pop group, music video accompanying track ‘Where Do You Sleep’ is haunting, poetic and cuts straight to the core of the ephemeral and decisively emotional that is Little May’s aesthetic. 

Some would go so far as to call it dark, and it is not in the same vein as previous films, including the well-received Hide, directed by musician and filmmaker Sean Dooley.  Previously using deeply complex and visually enigmatic, storytelling was becoming something this group was very good at. 'Where Do You Sleep' moves swiftly in a series of complicated overlays of the band’s faces.  Shadowing each moment of lyrical expression with a comforting shelter of humanity.  

The music videos that stand out most to me are always those who manage to bring the simplistic in a song to the height of eclectic and inspiring in film, and then the most diverse and complex songs leading to an understated elegance.  This is what Little May has managed to do with this little golden drop of goodness.

Already a huge fan of their music and of their ethos as a group of musicians, I can say without a doubt that Little May has presented a music video that goes beyond what we had come to know. 

Written by Freya McGahey