ALBUM REVIEW: Montaigne — Glorious Heights

Friday, August 5, 2016

Montaigne’s highly anticipated debut LP ‘Glorious Heights’ is loud, passionate, and downright amazing. Loaded with thirteen incredible tracks (plus a sneaky hidden track), Jess Cerro’s electrifying voice will fill your soul with emotional prose and make you dance all your troubles away.  

Inspired by the 80s and doused with an eclectic mix of piano, horns, strings, drums, synth and guitar, ‘Glorious Heights’ is unlike any other pop album I have ever heard before. Each track has its own unique personality and comes alive each time you listen to it. With the help of producer extraordinaire Tony Bunchen (The Preatures, Andy Bull, Bob Evans), Cerro takes her listeners on an emotional and empowering journey. She says, “I want to preach empowerment by means of self-improvement… I want people to realise that the warrior of this age is the kind that combats evil by refusing to take part in the processes that sustain it.”

Montaigne has laid out an outstanding repertoire of songs that pull easily at your heartstrings. The title track ‘Glorious Heights’ provides a perfect anthem-like opening to the album, with lines like “I don’t mind saying you’ll leave me behind…  I’m trying to climb glorious heights through the precipice of my own mind.” On the other hand, tracks like ‘Consolation Prize’ and ‘I’m Behind You’ showcases Cerro’s emotional powerhouse vocals that is sure to awe any live audience.  

My personal favourite from the album is ‘What You Mean to Me.’ Somewhat written in contrast to her hit single ‘Because I Love You,’ Cerro’s soaring vocals sing of the nervous excitement that comes with new love. The lyrics “I never want to lose what you mean to me… no I never want to lose what I’m feeling” are amplified by the beautiful arrangement of strings and horn throughout the song, and makes me feel incredibly happy.

 ‘Glorious Heights’ is a game changer in Australian pop music, and is testament to the creative musical genius that is Montaigne. With an extensive national album tour beginning on the 13th of September, Cerro will surely blow people’s minds with her raw talent and genuine love for music. I urge you all to listen to ‘Glorious Heights’ as soon as possible. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Written by Sallie Rodriguez