EP REVIEW: The Lulu Raes — All Our Parents Are Divorced

Friday, August 5, 2016

Between kebab snack packs & dips at Coogee Beach The Lulu Raes recorded their debut EP 'All Our Parents Are Divorced' (finally) with Jackson Barclay who is credited by some big Aussie names (including our fave Tkay! 💜).  We've been waiting (im)patiently for this release since The Small World Festival last year.


Here are my thoughts regarding the EP:
Can confirm: was worth the wait.  I regret not purchasing their legionnaires cap when I had the chance, partially because they're now cool, thanks Matt & Alex; but mainly because despite what old mate said in the strangest gig review in history (see here), The Lulu Raes are definitely the next big thing. (Also someone said the caps were fetching $2000 on EBay!)  I rated this EP (and for what it's worth their other 3 songs not included on it) 5 detachable legionnaires hat flaps out of 5.  It's released today (06/08/16), so once you've had a listen, let us know how many hat flaps you give this EP.

Here's the rundown:
Never Leave: If The OC was still our primary source for discovering cool/edgy, indie tunes then The ‘Raes opening track would definitely feature.  I keep picturing a scene that involves Ryan leaving while looking back on a montage of good times with Seth & the gang playing video games etc (ironic, given the lyric of “friends never leave”).  I don’t know; maybe I just miss The OC ok?  I digress - back to the song.  Never Leave features great lyrics containing heavier subject matter over what is a slower song than we’ve come to expect from the boys.  There are definitely 90’s influences detected here also.  

Infinite Paradise (Sail Away):  Dammit now Seth is sailing (‘away to an infinite paradise’ it would seem).  You’ll notice some ‘Strokey’ sounding guitars amidst a lot of electronic effects that when combined with this tempo form a song that takes quite a different direction for them.  It is also a good example of the versatility of Eddie’s extremely distinct voice.

My Mid 20’s: The opening sounds similar to that of Reputation with the distant vocals before the music/beat... err.. drops I guess.  Not to be confused with the build/drops that fuel douchebags everywhere; this is more of a rock-drop.  This one picks up where their earlier offerings left off, including Swing Me on a Vine of Sunshine, The Way Life Runs & the aforementioned Reputation.

Change My Tune: Well I’m glad they haven’t changed their tune and are still delivering punchy, catchy, dancey, pop/rock tunes like this one!!  Man, this one’s going to kick arse live!  If you need comparisons, there are passages reminiscent of Billy Joel mixed with Plastic Bertrand, which then break out into elements of The Kooks and a few others I can’t quite put my finger on; making it quite evident that fundamentally, this band’s sound is fucking unique and incomparable!   

Burnout: Well if you haven’t heard this song by now, you obviously haven’t bothered to read anything I wrote last year as this song/they were mentioned everywhere (namely here, here and here) and even if we could move past that indiscretion, it was also on high rotation on the J-waves, the guys played almost every festival in Oz and I’m pretty sure your best mate was banging on about this song all the time (if not, maybe it’s time your friends did leave).  It’s a top song.  Save yourself some embarrassment and have a quick listen now before someone outs you as the social pariah you clearly are.

Luckily for all of us, they're touring also! Check below to find out when they'll be at a venue near you.

Written by Kate Carnell