GIG REVIEW: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis | Rod Laver Arena | Melb | 5.8.16

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis had it all during their show at Melbourne’s iconic Rod Laver Arena — drawing, an Italian restaurant set-up, cookie throwing and most importantly, great music.

The one thing I didn’t expect from the show was Macklemore’s on-stage charisma. I know, how stupid was I? He’s a storyteller during his shows. The stories he shared all provided great segues into their next songs. Though i’m still not entirely sure if the stories were true, but they were damn hilarious, and that’s all that matters. The first he shared related to him coming into the country and having trouble getting through customs. He then proceeded to say he thought it was because of a family member, providing the perfect transition into 'Brad Pitt's Cousin' (which was as lit as you couldn possibly imagine). He did this again when he was sharing an anecdote of his daughter Sloane's first word in Melbourne, before launching into an obvious crowd favourite 'Thrift Shop'.

A memorable moment occurred before 'Same Love' where Macklemore made a beautiful speech about the current troubles in the world. It's his abilty to be vocal about issues in society (particularly LGBTIQ rights) which seperates him from many of his peers. Another touching moment during the show was Macklemore's rendition of 'Growing Up', a song he wrote about his daughter Sloane. During the performance, he even brought his little daughter on the stage. She melted the hearts of everybody with her infectious smile and joy for being on stage with her dad. She then returned side of the stage to continue watching her dad rock the stage to his adoring fans.

It would be impossible to write this review without mentioning the cookie throwing. It has to be the most bizarre (yet amazing) thing I've ever seen at a rap concert. While I was making my little notes during the show, I never would have predicted that the word 'cookie' would feature in my notes. The best way to describe what happened is this: for reasons unknown, Macklemore threw a cookie into the seat section over the entire mosh. Yes, you read that correctly, and it was hilarious. 

It wouldn't be a Macklemore and Ryan Lewis show without them closing with their smash hit from earlier in the year, 'Downtown'. Their second encore capped off what was an incredible night brimming with laughs, grooves, and too many memories that will prove difficult to forget. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis exceeded every expectation I had before the concert and it was definitely up there as one of the best rap performances I've seen in a while.

Written by Sally Swan

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis | Rod Laver Arena | Melb | 5.8.16

(Photos: kristy smolcic)