GIG REVIEW: Pierce The Veil | 170 Russell | Melb | 21.8.16

Monday, August 22, 2016
Photo Karla Tolentino

Who could possibly complain about four incredible bands all playing the one venue together, I mean, it has all the components of a mini-festival. With so many crossover fans in the crowd, everyone was in store for a massive night.

The first ones to hit the stage were Melbourne’s very own Storm The Sky, who have gathered up a large following over the last few years. Their music is described as ‘bruising metal in touch with it’s sensitive side’, and it’s no wonder why…along with the heaviness of the instrumentals, frontman William Jarratt’s vocals hit you like a soothing and soulful wave. Older material such as ‘Common Kings’ from 2013 were popular favourites with their adoring and passionate fans, but new material from their latest release Sin Will Find You were just as popular. It was only my first time catching them live, and I look forward to the next opportunity I can see them live, they’re definitely ones to note down for the future. Watch this space.

Next up were Beartooth, who hail all the way from Columbus, Ohio. After an incredible opening set by the locals, my expectations were extremely high for them, but I'm glad to report that these lads owned. Their energy was indescribable, and they captured the attention of everyone in the audience with their fierce playing and overall on-stage presence. Playing tracks such as ‘Aggressive’ (from the self-titled brand new album) and ‘Hated’ as well as older material such as ‘In Between’, these guys seriously rocked it. 

It was now time Canadians Silverstein showed the fine people inside 170 Russell what they’ve got…and they did. These guys are legendary, and they proved why. Forming almost sixteen years ago, they’ve dropped eight albums during their existence, with the most recent being released in 2015. With such an array of brilliant material, I can only imagine how hard it would be for them to put together a setlist for their shows, I mean with the much material, how do you select what you’re going to play? Their set left me wondering with one burning question, ‘how could it get better than this?’

Oh, but it did.

Pierce The Veil are gods…there, I said it. Even after the amazingness of the last three acts, the people were ready, and PTV certainly didn’t let them down. Opening with ‘Dive In’, I'm pretty sure my body became consumed with goosebumps, I'm not kidding. A truly beautiful moment was when they played 'Kissing In Cars’. Honestly, I think acoustic jams are the best at heavier gigs as it allows you to gain a whole new appreciation for the simplicity of the music. It also shows their versatility as their able to effortlessly between two completely different styles. Don’t Worry PVT fans; they didn’t remain soft and calm for long, by the time they go to ‘Hell Above’, they were back to their heavy best. Before leaving the stage, they gifted their fans with ‘Hold On Till May’. The bigger gift was when they returned again for an encore, closing with their hit ‘King For The Day’.

What a night. Four bands, Four incredible sets, and a night jammed packed with the best there is in heavy rock. Nobody left the venue disappointed, and their certainly was no reason too. 

Written by Brooke Borda  

Pierce The Veil | 170 Russell | Melb | 21.8.16

Photographer: Karla Tolentino