ALBUM REVIEW: Harts - Smoke Fire Hope Desire

Monday, September 19, 2016

As we had long suspected but were yet to prove (despite coming oh so close with SAFIA’s album release), music is now genre-less.  What used to be beautiful anomalies like Daft Punk with Kanye West or Santana and Rob Thomas, the fusion of distinct genres is now commonplace - usually in the form of a feature artist or collaboration; however we have just been gifted solid evidence that genres have officially been blurred to the point of redundancy.  Enter: Harts with Smoke Fire Hope Desire.

The one man collaboration, Darren Hart aka Harts has created his second album with something to satisfy every taste.  There is such a mix of various elements that include electronic, rock ‘n’ roll, pop, blues, brass, funk and hints of R’n’B; and each song offers something new.  Despite that fact that you don’t know what to expect from one track to the next, the album itself doesn’t lack cohesion - when you hear it you’ll understand that statement.

He's a one man collaboration, kind of like this, but executed better:

A personal highlight would still have to be the first single released from the album “All Rise” because it’s just so gol dang cool!  Feel free to read our previous review of the single here

His latest single “Power” also packs quite the punch and he has just released the film-clip for it (see below) as well as a look into his creative process with a behind the scenes video for the making of the track.

After having heard the album, there are four things I’m looking forward to at the moment:

  1. The release of Smoke Fire Hope Desire; which is very soon - on Friday the 16th September.
  2. Seeing how this album translates live.  While listening, you can already predict which songs will be amazing live, and hopefully in the future we could see an inclusion along the lines of what he did at Splendour with the horns section or even something similar to what Flight Facilities did recently with The Sydney Symphony Orchestra and their live collaboration.  This album definitely has the capacity/all the elements to pull off a feat like that.  Luckily, his live show can also be experienced soon with his ‘Power Tour’ kicking off shortly – dates below.
  3. An interview with Harts where he is asked whether/how much the passing of Prince had an effect on this album (if you weren’t already aware, the late Prince described Harts as reminding him of how he was at that age, after inviting him to Paisley Park to hang out and play music.  Yeah.  That old chestnut).
  4. Eating the salted caramel Zumbo Tim Tams I bought.  Unrelated but still exciting nonetheless.

This album won’t disappoint, no matter what ‘genre’ you think you’re into.  We’re giving this album 9/10 - one for every genre he managed to squeeze in. 

Written by Kate Carnell

Check out where you can catch Harts on the road below:
Friday 23rd September
The Workers Club, Geelong
Tickets OzTix
Thursday 29th September
Solbar, Sunshine Coast
Tickets OzTix
Friday 30th September
The Zoo, Brisbane
Tickets OzTix
Sunday 2nd October
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Tickets TicketScout
Friday 7th Friday
Uni Bar, Adelaide
Tickets OzTix
Saturday 8th Saturday
Karova Lounge, Ballarat
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