FEATURE: Florence + The Machine — Songs From Final Fantasy XV

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Florence + The Machine have taken a wonderful turn in their artistry, releasing three tracks in their collaboration with Square Enix for the forthcoming video game, FINAL FANTASY XV. 

Florence + The Machine have transformed the songs ‘Too Much Is Never Enough’, ‘I Will Be’ and ‘Stand By Me’ into powerful and emotive pieces; a wonderful mix of rock and indie, with tunes that resonate within the listener. Florence’s voice is a beautiful mixture of spirit and wistfulness, and in response, these songs have become mesmerisingly melancholic, ethereal in a way that suits the fantasy elements of the video game.

‘Too Much Is Never Enough’ captures a sense of transformation and of discovery, tying in seamlessly with the adventure-esque qualities of the game. ‘I Will Be’ is a track more focused on music and tranquil sounds produced by the piano and harp. Florence’s haunting vocals are still ever-present, but as a gentle backdrop to the instrumental symphony. The most emotive and compelling track of all, ‘Stand By Me,’ is a distinguished ballad, and can effortlessly stand as tribute to the original: evocatively nostalgic and sentimental. All three songs complement each other quintessentially—soft, yet intense and soul-stirring. 

Florence’s voice is unparalleled to any other, bringing renewed life to a video game in a way it has never been revived before. With the exceptional talents of Florence + The Machine, FINAL FANTASY XV is destined to be a musical memorability.

Written by Suzan Calimli