INTERVIEW: A Chat With Dean Hanson From Ball Park Music

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Emily: Album number four, 'Every night the same dream' dropped last month, how does it feel to have it out?
Dean: Yeah really good so far. The feedback has been great. I think we were all a bit anxious before putting this one out, as you do, but yeah people seem to like it, seen a few reviews saying that this is our best one yet, nice to know that we aren't getting any worse anyway (laughs)

How would you say that this one differs from your previous three?
I think with this album we made a conscious decision to try not to cater to outside pressures of what we should make, we just made what we wanted to make. 

And so did you have any new influences for this album?
Um... I think our influences have always been pretty consistent. On this record we decided to track to a four track tape machine, instead of using a computer so before we did that we went and listened to a lot of records that were tracked like that to get a bit of a scope on how far we could go with things, what type of sounds we could expect. 

Very cool. Now you guys just came back from playing at Splendour, how did that go for you?
Yeah, it was great! We were a bit worried beforehand because we had only released two songs from the new record and the last time we played there it was a really big deal. And this time, we were playing at the same time as At the drive in, so I was convinced that people might come over to see us, but they would have better stuff to see. But as soon as we got on stage the whole tent was just overflowing, and people got so into it. Just a really good moment for us!

You have the Your and Owls festival coming up; it has such a great line up, is there anyone your super keen to see there?
I hope I get to see Samper the Great, Big Scary, DMA's and Client liaison, and yeah just lots of Aussie bands. Its been such a long time since I have been able to do a festival with our peers, so it will be great to go and hang out and watch them all play. 

Have you got any funny or weird stories that you have witnessed from being on the road?
I was talking about this with Sam the other day. One of the worst ones that have happened was we were playing South bound a few years ago, we had played on New Years and the morning after, I was rolling around in bed and heard this person come into our hotel, and I thought it was Paul, and they just didn't leave the toilet for a really long time, and I really needed to go. I knock on the door, and I hear this person groan! So I open the door, and it was this person that I have never seen before just passed out on the toilet! I didn't know what to do so we ended up calling for hotel security and they were like “Oh no! Not this guy again!” Apparently, he had gone into multiple rooms that night! He left his shoes there so it was a small victory but! (laughs)

(Laughs) Oh fantastic! Now you are going to be starting a national tour soon; you have heaps of sold out shows all around the country. What can we expect to see at these shows?
We will be playing a bunch of new stuff which will be cool but also playing lots of our hits. It will just be nice doing another big Aussie tour. It's been about two years since we did a tour of this scale in Australia, so we will be bringing this new enthusiasm, doing something we haven't done for ages. It's weird thinking about writing a set list now because we have the four records out... I don't know what we are going to leave out this time! It's going to be hard, like leaving a kid behind! 

You might just have to play for four hours and just play everything! 
(Laughs) Yeah! Do something like the Foo Fighters or the Cure!

Is there one particular song off the new album that you look forward to playing live?
Yeah, there is a song, it's track two 'Ever since I turned the lights on'. It's a fun song because, in the studio, we decided one day to just push record and improvise for like two hours, and that song was what came out of it. Sam took that song and cut it up into sections and just wrote vocals over the top of it, so we never had played that song in full. So we learned it the other day, and it's just an awesome super fun song to play! (laughs) and it feels super fresh for us because we had never played it before! 

Awesome! So after this national tour, whats next for you guys?
We have Falls Festival, which will be really good, and then I hope it will just be playing the odd festival over summer, maybe try looking at doing another tour around Australia sometime next year. I don't think we will take too long to start writing another record, it's been really encouraging all the feedback from this one, makes us feel like we are on the right track, give us a really good frame of mind to keep going and keep making music, but yeah nothing official to report on that at this stage.

Written by Emily O'Brien