Friday, September 9, 2016

Already synonymous with sonically intricate pieces and considered masters of the idiosyncratic track, SAFIA have absolutely delivered the goods with their dynamic debut album, Internal.  No two songs are alike, likely due to the fact that the group ‘let them wheels roll’ for as long as was necessary in order to produce a quality track-list.  Although fans were chomping at the bit in anticipation of this release, it was definitely worth the wait (a point their ol’ tour-mate Lorde, was trying to get across this week).

Speaking of touring, the three boys Ben Woolner, Michael Bell & Harry Sayers will hit the road at the end of this month with their Internal album tour (get your tix now as they are selling fast!), check the promo! Dates are below.

Internal is officially day, but it has also been the Triple J’s feature album this week. We’ve given Internal 9 sheep out of 10, for anyone counting.  It’s fucking decent.

Here’s a track by track rundown:

Zion: The album opens with just over 5 minutes of instrumental music.  I use the term instrumental loosely as Zion still has its electronic components but there may even be a hint of didgeridoo in there.  Not 100% sure though as there is so much going on!  SAFIA have made it clear right from the jump off that you have no idea what you’re in for here.

Embracing Me: A track you should be familiar with already – it was ‘embraced’ by everyone last year and you shan’t be embracing me, without having first embraced this.  Not that you asked.

Together, Locked Safely: A brilliant example of the aforementioned intricacy, evident in the amount of complex layers and tiny effects, that when arranged demonstrate the detail SAFIA quite obviously pour into their work.  

Fake It Til The Sunrise: They’ve played around with the sound balance on this one.  It’s aurally quite trippy!  Elements of the music as well as Ben’s vocals through select parts of the song fade between your ears from left to right & it feels weird!  Good weird.

Over You: Good luck getting this shit out of your head.  Released at the very end of June and then on continuous repeat in the heads of unwitting listeners ever since, there was no sign of stopping this ear-worm until... Enter the next track Bye Bye.

Bye Bye: Excluding Embracing Me, Bye Bye is definitely the standout track of the album.  It’s too easy to say that it’s so different from anything heard before, but it’s literally amazing that a group with such a distinct/signature sound - you know it’s them as soon as you hear their music - manage to create tracks that sound nothing alike... if that makes sense.

Close To You: If you do manage to get to sleep, no doubt after a seemingly never ending session of counting sheep, then this is what a dream would sound like.  You know, where one minute you’re you and the next you’re another person floating in air, before being chased by something.  It’s the musical way of explaining a dream sequence, other than through interpretive dance.

My Love Is Gone: For some odd reason, Kylie Minogue springs to mind.  She would do a great ‘Like A Version’ for this song.  This is also their latest single.

Make Them Wheels Roll: This one has been cruising around the J waves for a while now, further intensifying our anticipation of the album’s completion.  Catchy as shit obvs but the lyrics here are also extremely strong.  SAFIA certainly ‘shook mediocrity’ long ago.  

Go To Waste: This one really brings the pace/energy down following on from My Love Is Gone and Make Them Wheels Roll and immediately before the ‘house-y’ track Home.  They can’t all be bangers. 

Home: As mentioned above, this one could definitely be categorised in one of the ever expanding list of ‘house music’ sub-genres.  It sounds quite Kygo-esque, especially with the breaks in music to emphasise the vocals.

External: You could be a real supercilious arsehole here and go around asking chumps whether they enjoyed ‘External’ by SAFIA and correct them when they correct you regarding the album name.  You’d both be correct; however, as by this point on the album you will have enjoyed both.

Written by Kate Carnell

Tour dates are below:
Friday 23rd September
UC Refectory, Canberra
Tickets: SAFIA
Sunday 2nd October
Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Tickets: SAFIA

Friday 7th October

The Tivoli, Brisbane
Tickets: SAFIA
Saturday 8th October
The Nightquarter, Gold Coast
Tickets: SAFIA
Friday 14th October
Odeon Theatre, Hobart
Tickets: SAFIA
Saturday 15th October
Festival Hall, Melbourne
Tickets: SAFIA
Friday 21st October
Metro City, Perth
Tickets: SAFIA
Saturday 22nd October
Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
Tickets: SAFIA
Friday 11th November
The Powerstation, Auckland
Tickets: SAFIA
Friday 18th November – NEW SHOW
Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Tickets: SAFIA