EP Review: GLADES — This Is What It's Like

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sydney-based alternative-pop trio Glades have unleashed their new EP This Is What It's Like. The release of the EP marks their first ever as a band.

The EP opens up with 'Speechless', which originally was released in August. The glistening track is dream-pop gold and possesses atmospheric production, whimsical lyrics and magical synths. 'Speechless' is a stunning opener, which sets the scene for the rest of the EP. Up next is the very upbeat 'Her (Loving You)'. The track will give you all them warm and fuzzy feelings that are inevitable when you're in love. 

'Skylines' is a little different from the previous two tracks. Though it has gritty drums at the beginning, once the hook kicks in, it returns to the dreamy-airy vibe that was evident in the opening tracks. 'Summer Air' flows nicely from the 'Skylines' and also has that underlying gloom like the previous track. Though the first few tracks were about being in love, 'Summer Air' discusses heartache, finding closure and moving on. The lyrics are touching throughout, especially words like "locked away all your reasons why, you left me high and dry." 

'Drive' opens up showcasing the sweet and graceful vocals of lead singer Karina Wykes. The spacey track balances the vocals and intricate electronic production perfectly. 'I Want You So Bad' features stunning harmonies and well-weaved electronic sounds in the background. The chorus is also very catchy and will ring in your head in the best possible way. The final track on the EP 'Drive // Stripped' closes on a mellow and tender note. The simplistic production allows full focus to be on the beautiful lyrics. Words like these will tug on your heartstrings, "Kiss me on the corner with your hand in mine, say you love me too".

This Is What It's Like takes you on a journey through all the facets love — whether it's falling in love, being in love or heartbreak. The EP is a solid release and flows track-to-track flawlessly. 

Written by Amy Smolcic

Listen to 'Speechless' by GLADES below: