Interview: Question Time With Dean Lewis

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fresh from the release of his stunning new single 'Waves', we had the chance to ask Dean Lewis a few questions about the release, as well what he has planned next.

You’ve recently been on the road with Lisa Mitchell, what has that been like?  
This is my first support tour so being able to see how much goes on behind the scenes has been eye opening. Watching how the band works together to get such a big sound has been cool too. It’s quite an interesting thing being first support because people aren’t necessarily there to see you and no one really knows who I am yet, so its kinda cool to be able to see if I can make people pay attention with just the songs stripped down on acoustic and piano.

What was the inspiration behind your latest single ‘Waves’? 
Well at the time of writing it I was really obsessed with the idea that life seemed to be getting alittle less exciting each year as it passed. Like the feeling when you’re 16 and going to a party with your friends or a movie and how that was an adventure. I remember waking up and thinking where has that feeling gone? How can I get it back? 

You wrote it in a little town North of London, which town was it and what found you that side of the world? 
I recorded the song with my friends Nick Atkinson and Edd Holloway. I had to catch this train out of London to this small village called “Hitchin” where Nick and Edd’s studio is. The night before I went down I wanted to come in with an idea. So at about 1am I picked up the guitar and the first thing I played turned out to be the beginning of waves…Some of the melody, lyrics and chord progression. We finished it in next day, was brilliant to work that fast as you don’t necessarily overthink stuff. It was actually meant to just be a demo but we were like “Wow this sounds pretty nice”. Because Edd and Nick like to work on the mix for a while, I put my iPhone infront of the speakers and recorded a voice memo of the song from start to finish. I remember riding the train back to London listening to this terrible quality recording over and over thinking “Hey there’s something really cool about this”.

Was there anything about the location that inspired the track? 
It was raining a lot and it’s kinda isolated out there. I remember my phone only getting reception in one particular spot, which unfortunately was outside, in the rain, sitting on a chair.

Where is your favourite place to write? 
I remember walking around England with my Dad and him pointing out a spot on the Thames and saying “That would be a great place to write some songs, you should come back later with your guitar” which was funny to me. I guess there is a romance in the idea of writing a song in some beautiful location, but to me I’d just find it awkward and probably distracting. I usually write sitting on my bed at night. Moments of inspiration just come, but its usually when i’m alone in my room. A lot of the time it’s when i’m watching or listening to another artist on youtube or something and just get inspired… I’ll think “ok well that song’s great, I wanna write a great song too” then I’ll try my best.

Are there any artists you’re currently loving? 
I’m really into Catfish and the Bottlemen at the moment. I love how Van writes lyrically, check out the song '7' it's so subtle and cool. It reminds me that you don’t have to overthink it. Also i’m really into Rhodes; his album ‘Wishes’ has been on repeat all year.

Have you got plans to release an EP or album soon? What have you got planned next? 
After Lisa's tour finishes up next week, I'm heading into the studio with this awesome producer, John Castle, to finishing mixing some songs and recording another couple for an EP. The hard part has been chosing which ones to record because over the last 2 years I’ve written about 150 songs. But I think we’ve nailed it down and I cant wait to put more songs out!! As for the future I'm just trying to focus on writing good quality songs and putting them out,  hopefully people like them and I can keep doing it.

Listen to 'Waves' by Dean Lewis below:

Written by Amy Smolcic