EP Review: Darling James – Theory Of Mind

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Darling James has released his brand new EP Theory Of Mind. The release of the EP comes after spending this month supporting Olympia on tour in Melbourne and also in Brisbane tonight.

The EP opens up with 'Ultimatum Talk', which was originally released as a single last year. The hypnotic track starts the first verse with oriential-like instrumentals, but there is also an underlying ominous feel that you wait to burst out. The intensity picks up with raging percussion in the chorus, which remains consistent throughout the rest of the track. 

Next up is the most recent single to be released, 'God's Graffiti'. This track is a completely different direction than the opener. The self-recorded track is incredibly infectious. Don't cross this off as just some catchy pop number, the arrangement of the various textures and layers is intricate and fascinating. 

A clear theme that is featured throughout the EP is the experimentation of oriental inspired sounds. There is something brooding about 'Ache and Bend'. He's able to mix and combine the diverse sounds without it becoming messy or crowded, which is a real credit to his artistry as many other's wouldn't be able to get away with this.

After the gloomy nature of the previous track, 'The Itch' embraces a much more dance-esque vibe. The chorus is catchy, and I guarantee the song will be stuck in your head by the time you get to the finish mark.

'How Far Will You Go' is an emotional track that contains a mix of stunning imagery and stirring lyrics. 

The EP comes to a conclusion with 'Indonesian Cigarette', which also features another exceptional example of how you can marry together crazy and delirious sounds without it turning into a disaster. I'm not sure how he gets the balance right, but he does it so effortlessly 

Theory Of Mind by Darling James takes you on a journey through an array of sound combinations that I didn't think was possible, mixed with evocative and stunning lyricism. 

Written by Amy Smolcic