Gig Review: All Our Exes Live In Texas | Northcote Social Club | MELB | 5.11.16

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Before catching folk darlings All Our Exes Live In Texas, I'm not going to lie; I wasn't too familiar with their stuff. Going to their show at Northcote Social Club was one of the best decisions I've made in a while, they're brilliant.

I walked in approximately ten minutes before they hit the stage, and on-stage was the greatest supporting act I've ever seen. I didn't catch her name, but their last supporting act was a comedian who without a doubt was my spirit animal. She did it all — from gyrating to telling a room of folk fans to grab their crotches and pronounce that they 'love themselves', it was wonderful. I'm sure a few people in the room felt a little uncomfortable, but she owned it, and I wish I could be that fabulous. More musicians should use comedians as their supporting act; it's a genius move that gets the crowd loosened up.

These gals are so great, seriously, All Our Exes Live In Texas are a funny bunch. Though they create beautiful and touching tunes, they're also absolutely hilarious. Their on-stage banter is amazing, and it's clear as daylight that they love playing in a band together. They shared all sorts of funny anecdotes even when they related to usually bad moments, such as breaking up, pet cemeteries, and a cringy topic...grandparents having sex. They even joked that sometimes their sets are cut short as they talk too much. Let's be honest; I would pay just to hear to share all their awesome stories.

The night was full of musical highlights, but I particularly enjoyed their performance of their touching track 'Sailboat'. Another favourite was one of their bigger singles 'Tell Me'. They bring a modern twist to their unique brand of folk and it has set them apart from the rest of folk artists in Australia. 

If All Our Exes Live In Texas are in a town near year anytime in the future, do yourself a favour and buy yourself a ticket. They'll give you a night full of amazing tunes and great laughs. 

Written by Amy Smolcic
Photo by Kristy Smolcic