Interview: Bree Tranter Discusses Her Tour + 'Another Night on Earth'

Monday, November 14, 2016

Just before she hits the road on her east-coast tour, dream-pop songstress Bree Tranter answered a few questions for us about the tour plus the release of her album Another Night on Earth.

Congrats on the release of your album Another Night on Earth earlier this year, how does it feel to have your debut out and about?
Thank you, I really appreciate that. It feels unreal. I finished writing this album a long time ago and finished working on the whole album process a year ago. So it is nice to finally share it with others and have feedback and affirmations. It truly is an awesome feeling finishing a piece of artwork that you've put a lot of time and energy into. 

Is there a track on the album that has a special meaning?
I think 'Under The Sun' will always be the special song on the album for me. It represents the meaning of the whole album. It's as much a love song to myself as it was to my long term partner at the time. 

Your east coast tour is coming up soon, what are you most looking forward to on the tour?
I am really looking forward to singing these songs live with a band, sharing them with people and expressing the message of my songs in person. I am also really looking forward to showcasing the live video I put together for this tour, to be showing hopefully at the venues as the band plays if it all works out. Having that visual aspect really excites me.

What has been your favourite show ever?
Really tough question. One of my most favourite shows would still be the last Middle East show at Splendour in the Grass, I have never had so much energy and emotion going on at the same time on stage as that night.

Do you have any interesting tour stories that you can share?
Most days on tour this year, I would wake up and not know what country I was waking up in. We live and move around on a tour bus and by the time you are half way through a ten-month tour, you stop looking at your schedule. So that was interesting, waking up and opening the door and looking at a wall which is part of the venue, or waking up in a caravan park in Germany, an industrial field in Luxembourg or one time it was the back car park of an entertainment centre in Denmark. That would throw the day off mostly, and so the nights were normally filled with hilarious moments of drinking and having to leave the venue to go to the next city/country and something going wrong with one band member. 

What has been your most memorable moment/achievement from 2016?
After ten months of touring, it ended with me sitting in this hot tub that was on a boat in Norway, and as it was sailing on the Arctic Ocean and passing the snowy mountains. I couldn't help but be so grateful for all the memories I have had on stage and around the world that I have shared with my best friends, and also at the same time to have released my first own debut album. These two events were the biggest achievements for me in 2016 and this was the moment I was taken back with joy and thankfulness. 

You can catch Bree Tranter at the below dates:
Sunday 20 November  The Toff in Town – Melbourne
Thursday 24 November  Oxford Circus – Sydney
Saturday 27 November  The Foundary – Brisbane

Written by Amy Smolcic