Interview: Jeremy Loops Discusses Touring And Aussie Tunes

Thursday, December 1, 2016

On Sunday night, I got to witness the magic that is Jeremy Loops live. The talented South African brings energy in the bucket-loads to his shows. In between shows and touring, Jeremy took some time out to answer some questions for us.

You're in Australia for the first time, what are you most looking forward to whilst you're here?
I'm looking forward to the people the most. People have been clamoring for us to come to Australia for so long, now that's its finally happening I'm excited to see what the shows are like and what the energy is like. I also know a ton of Australians from my years traveling for work, so it'll be nice to place where all these big personalities come from.

Your appearance in Australia comes after touring around Europe, how was that?
Touring Europe is always great. We have tons of momentum and are growing so fast in Europe right now, it feels like the early days in South Africa, which is exciting. I'm 6 years in and feel nowhere near jaded yet, which is great.

What has been your favourite moment from the tour so far?
Playing in the Netherlands, Amsterdam especially, is always a trip. We played a show in this venue called Paradiso, which is this beautiful room that used to be a church. You know, one of those old regal cathedral. The energy that night was ridiculous, and I just remember looking out at the crowd during the ovation at the end being overwhelmed by the reception. It's cool to be able to travel so far from home and still connect with people like that.

Is there a particular song on Trading Change that has a special meaning to you?
All of them have special meaning in one way or another. Higher Stakes and Basil, especially, were songs about very specific, very difficult experiences I had while making the album. So maybe they're front runners, because even though the narratives are very specific to things I went through, they've still managed to connect meaningfully with others 

Which song is your favourite from the album to perform live?
'See, I Wrote it for You', without a doubt. Genuine euphoria.

Are there any Australian artists that you have listened to recently?

Not so many current artists, but I've always had Australian musicians in my playlist. I guess the most current Australian musician I've been checking for is Nick Murphy (fka Chet Faker). The Pierce Brothers opened for us once, and I've kept an ear out for their stuff since. Angus & Julia Stone are pretty current too. My mainstays are Cat Empire, Crowded House, and Xavier Rudd, though. They're all interspersed across a few playlist.

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Written by Amy Smolcic