Interview: Question Time With...Jack Grace

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fresh from the release of his debut EP River a few weeks ago, Jack River took some time out to answer a few questions for us. Scroll down to listen to his stunning EP below.

You are releasing your debut EP River this month, are you itching to finally have it out? 
Yep, it's nice to have it come out; its been something that was finished for awhile, it seems to be the way these things go.  

Are there any secrets from the EP that you can share? 
'All Lost' was originally about five and a half minutes until my manager thought it could be a good single, so I did an edit. 

You recently dropped the video for 'All Lost', what was it like filming the video? 
Hamish Mitchell is so great to work with. I loved watching the fencers spar all afternoon. Christopher Port was there, we bought some chips and drink from the kiosk and watched everyone work. Very enjoyable. 

Do you have plans to play any live shows soon? 
Yep, there will be some more live stuff soon, announcements to come. 

What are you currently listening to right now?  
'Beautiful People' - Mark Pritchard feat Thom Yorke

What has been your favourite highlight of 2016? 
It’s been a great year for music...from James Blake, Frank Ocean, BUOY, Solange, Mark Prichard, Kanye, Zomby, Bon Iver, Christopher Port, Kllo and I’m missing a bunch of releases here…there's been so much great music released this year, more than usual. 

Listen to Jack Grace's EP River below