New Music: Black Napoleon - No Morals (feat. Luchii)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Local Perth rapper Black Napoleon dropped his latest single, it’s dark, brooding and catchy and why haven’t you already clicked the link? This song is the accumulation of everything he’s done up to this point. He’s really ironed out all the kinks with his set and has come through with one of his best (if not the best) track he’s ever done. 

The beat on this is trap influenced darkness. It is so brooding and aggressive and is matched so well with the music video. Shot by Tobiyaez Haynes of Boogie Nights Media the colour pallet on this one, highlighted darkness and blinding lights, really add to the overall atmosphere of the track.

His flow on this track is versatile and razor sharp, starting off slow then bursting at the seams turning up the energy just to bring it back down again, great control. His hook as well is catchy and I’ve been hearing it my head ever since the track dropped, it’s infectious.

The track also features Luchii who runs wild on these types of beats and was the perfect fit for the feature; you can tell he has fun with these songs. His explosive and toned down vocals fit perfectly in a track like this. 

If you haven’t check this man out or any of his Home Baked crew than what are you doing? These guys are bringing a new fresh style to the Perth scene, with a lot of creativeness, talent, and just overall dope songs. 

Written by Rhys Prka