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New Music: Hollow Coves – 'Coastline' | WICKEDD CHILDD

New Music: Hollow Coves – 'Coastline'

Hollow Coves (featuring Matt Carins and Ryan Henderson), released new song 'Coastline' this week. Also announced was their debut EP Wanderlust, which will drop early February next year.

'Coastline' is the perfect song to add to your summer playlist, particularly if you're planning any scenic drives down the coast. The nostalgic track was inspired by their mutual love of nature and adventures. 'Coastline' is incredibly dreamy and will leave you yearning to explore.

Hollow Coves upcoming EP will also contain more songs that are inspired by nature and exploring our wonderful planet. The EP was recorded at Montreal's Indica Studios, with the finishing touches happening in Hollow Coves' home of Brisbane, Australia.

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