Gig Review: Jeremy Loops | Howler | Melbourne | 27.11.16

Monday, November 28, 2016
(PHOTO: Kristy Smolcic)

It's his first time in Australia, and Jeremy Loops is making his mark. On Sunday night, it was time for the first stop on his Australian tour. Stop one was a sold out show at Howler in Melbourne — what a way to kick off the tour.

Though he made his way onto stage around ten minutes late, he can be forgiven as he put on a show that no one was ever going to forget.

Before I launch into my review, I need to discuss one major observation...Jeremy Loops is an amazing performer. I've seen quite a few gigs at Howler this year, but none quite like that. I never thought folk music could rage that hard, seriously. Not only did he encourage the audience to jump throughout his show, but he also had intense flashing lights (true rave style), and people were going crazy. I feel like he's onto something and that folk-rave should be an actual style in music. 

Though he admitted that he was incredibly jetlagged and tired, he showed no signs of it. He ran onto the stage with his harmonica, making it obvious that from the get-go that his main focus was to ensure that everyone in the room was going to have a good time. After his opener, he launched into 'Sinner' from his 2016 album Trading Change, and the crowd weren't slowing down anytime soon, nor was Jeremy. 

Next up was 'Mission To The Sun', which featured the appearance of a children's musical instrument. Which he admitted to bringing to all his shows after using it when he created the track.

Jeremy Loops shared with the crowd that he has been touring now for a few years. He didn't even need to share that, his on-stage experience shows through the way he motivates the crowd and interacts with them. He also comes across as very genuine, which is always a great quality to have. During his set, he shared a story about a riff he had with his old management as they didn't want him to tour Australia as they didn't believe he was able to sell out shows — he proved them wrong. 

Along with material from his album, he also shared new tracks that he hasn't recorded yet, including 'The City' and 'The Shore'.

A touching moment was at the end of his set when he dedicated 'Only The Good Die Young' who sadly passed away a few weeks ago. 

After leaving the stage, he returned for a much-deserved encore. Before launching into 'Higher Stakes', he explained that the song was all for brokenhearted. The last song of the night was 'See I Wrote This For You', which saw him end his show full of energy. The best part was when he recorded the crowd singing and then looped them into his performance.

Overall, Jeremy Loops' show was absolutely incredible. His energy was infectious and I promise that everyone in the room had just as much fun as he (and his talented band) did. 

Written by Amy Smolcic

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kristy Smolcic