Gig Review: ScHoolboy Q | Festival Hall | Melb | 9.11.16

Friday, November 11, 2016

ScHoolboy Q has been touring the country as part of his appearance at this year's THIS THAT festival. To begin this review, I'm going to start off mentioning that I'm actually a big fan of ScHoolboy Q. But, something felt a little off during his show on Wednesday night. I'm not going to say it was terrible, because it wasn't, it was average at best. Ultimately, he achieved what he set out to do, and that was to get an entire crowd buzzing and hyped.

The night didn't start off according to plan with him arriving on stage late. His DJ, Mackwop, was the first to hit the stage. He mixed a series of tracks that got the crowd warmed up, including 'WDYW' by Carnage/Lil Uzi, 'U Mad' by Vic Mensa, plus many songs by the ASAP mob including 'New Level' by Ferg and 'Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2' by Rocky. When he wasn't spinning tracks, Mackwop was holding poses on his table while smoking up and rapping to the crowd. 

I can't complain about how much time his DJ had. I mean, it's part of the reality of going to a rap show, the DJ always gets around 15 minutes to warm up the crowd, even though it seemed to go on forever 

Finally, it was time for Q to hit the stage. He opened up with the hard hitting 'Gangsta', which saw the crowd erupt into a frenzy, yelling out the words to the hook. He is much loved, and his fans are passionate about all things Q. He then launched straight into 'Lord Have Mercy', which comes straight from his LP Blank Face.

Approximately five songs in, he announced that he needs to slow it down as things are 'too turnt' and then proceeds to take his shoes off. He went through the rest of the set without wearing his shoes. Was it weird? yes, but it's something you expect Q to do. He has a big personality, and his fans love him for it. Outlets like Snapchat have allowed him to give another dimension to his music and for his fans to see the music he makes through his personality.

Considering the show fell on the day of the US Presidental election, it was almost a certainty that he was going to come about and say something about it. He mentioned his disappointment in their system and that his country is an 'officially a joke'. He then performed a cover of YG's 2016 protest song 'FDT', standing for 'Fuck Donald Trump'. He also performed Kendrick Lamar's 'M.A.A.D City'. 

There was a moment where he started to get all sensual, eventually getting all the males in the audience to scream out repetitively 'yeah, I want that pussy'. Though I'm sure, we can all admit (even he acknowledges it) that he isn't the most attractive guy, but I doubt he has any problems with women. He then performed 'Overtime' and 'Studio', which are all about the ladies.

A moment I was disappointed about was when he performed the beginning of 'Ride Out' and then cut it once he finished the hook. 'Ride Out' is one of the best tracks from his new album, so it was a buzz kill when he stopped. 

He finished his set strong saving all his major hits like 'Man of the Year', 'THat Part', 'Dope Dealer' and 'Hell of a Night' until the very end...and 30 minutes over his scheduled finished.

As I mentioned before, I felt like something was missing from his set. The vibe of the show didn't feel like a concert, but more like an afterparty club show. He did everything he was supposed to do, from performing an array of different tracks to getting the crowd amped, and I'm sure his fans aren't too disappointed with how the night turned out.

Written by Amy Smolcic

Photographer: Kristy Smolcic