Interview: Arthur From Hælos Discusses Touring, Live Shows and Visiting Australia For The First Time

Friday, December 16, 2016

Before Hælos hit Australia for the first time for Falls Festival, Arthur Delaney answered a few questions for us about their upcoming tour, what they're looking forward to doing when they hit Australia, plus who they might be catching at Falls. 

What are you looking forward to during your trip to Australia? 
This will be our first time touring in Australia so we are looking forward to experiencing the country and some new crowds. Its a great honor to have demand for your music on the other side of the world, its not something you really expect to happen when your writing it, so we will be savoring the opportunity and trying to give back with our performances. 

Is there anywhere you’re excited about visiting?  
I think a few of us are planning on heading up to the Gold Coast after the tour has finished to take in some natural beauty so looking forward to that. I hear great things about both Melbourne and Sydney too so looking forward to what they have going on.    

You played some pretty big festivals this year, plus showcases at SXSW, what do you enjoy about performing live?
I think the best thing about playing live is that you get to share this really genuine moment with people who love your music and i think the more our music travels the better the shows are getting. We try to cultivate intensity in anything we do so we are always looking for the strange magic that happens when everybody gives in to the experience and let us take them somewhere. We feed off that energy.  

Do you prefer festivals or playing your own shows? 
They are both very different. Our own shows are certainly easier to get an atmosphere going at as everyone's there has bought a ticket to see us and we have lights and production enhancing the music. You can get a unique energy going if the setting is right. Festivals are always a memorable experience because you get the big stages and crowds and the opportunity to play for people who might not have even heard your tunes before. You have to adapt the way you perform to make the show work on that scale and i think it took us a little while early days to find our groove. We played a lot of festivals now though so we kinda know what we are doing, what works and what doesn’t. If it all comes together it’s a massive buzz and in some ways the rewards are greater. 

What’s your favourite track to play live?
We usually close our set with ‘Earth Not Above’ into ’Oracle’,  those tracks always gets everyone going and feel like the point the whole set has built towards. ‘Oracle’ is always the point when the room goes off really hard and everyone looses their shit. Its a joyous thing to be a part of.   

Is there anyone you’re interested in catching live at Falls Festival?
The Avalanches, Booka Shade and Fat Freddy’s Drop if we get some time. 

You can catch Hælos at Falls Festival, as well at their sideshows below:

Wednesday 4th January – Howler – Melbourne
Friday 6th January – Oxford Art Factory – Sydney

Written by Amy Smolcic