Interview: A Chat with Spencer Chamberlain from Underøath

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Underøath are back, and they're set to return to Australia playing both their Define The Great Line and They’re Only Chasing Safety albums in full. Spencer Chamberlain from the band chats their upcoming visit to Australia and the tour.

Emily: How has the reaction been to your return to the music scene after the two-year break?
Spencer: Oh man! It’s been great! We didn’t expect to come back, and nobody else expected us to come back. 2013 was our last show, and it was long and dark when we weren’t together, and I think the fans are as excited as the band that were back which is pretty incredible.

Was there any challenges with getting back into the swing of things after this?
Not really. Taking that time away and letting the smoke clear and realising why we did what we did in the first place and why we are in a band together is something that only comes with time. After a couple of practices, we, were like “why did we ever stop?” And after the first show, I was like really happy! Unfortunately for some people it takes losing it all to remember why you love it and to respect it again. 

It has been five years since you have been out to Australia. Do you have any memories from your last visit?
Yeah I have a lot of great memories. Mostly the crowds being insane and being able to go surfing on my off time and all the beautiful cities. I personally love it there.

Is there anything you are looking forward to seeing or doing this time around that you didn’t get to the previous times you were here?
I’m not sure what our schedule looks like, but I really want to try and enjoy wherever I am. Get out as soon as I wake up and explore, get lost, and check things out.

Nice. Now you guys are showcasing Define The Great Line and They’re Only Chasing Safety in full, front-to-back, why do you choose these two albums?
Define The Great Line is turning ten and that’s why we got together to do a tour. Then one of the guys in the band, I can’t remember who said that we were broken up when Chasing Safety turned ten so we should play that too! It was kinda said as a joke, but we were all like, yeah! Let’s do it! Not really realising that that meant 11 more songs! (laughs) but it seemed to go over really well in America, so we decided to take the tour across the world.

Is there one song in particular that you're dying to play on this tour?
I mean just playing Define The Great Line in its entirety is really where it’s at! I really enjoy playing that record!

Awesome. And so finally what can your fans expect from these live shows?
I mean honestly it’s the best the band has ever been as a unit. We're better players, were better singers, were getting along better, which most people don’t realise how important that is. But it really does reflect on our live show. When everyone wants to be there, and everyone is happy, respects each other, there is this natural chemistry that happens on stage that you can’t fake, and Underoath has that again! I think if you have seen Underoath before you can expect something twice as big and way better than before, and if you have never seen us then it’s really a good time to start!

Written by Emily O'Brien

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