EP Feature: Huntly - Songs in Your Name

Friday, February 10, 2017

Huntly first caught our attention after they released their single ‘Please', since then, we’ve been hooked. Today they released their sophomore EP Songs in Your Name via Neat Lawn. If you’re not familiar with the Melbourne trio, you need to be; their stunning and intricate electronic production combined with story-like lyricism will have you addicted.

Songs in Your Name opens up with ‘Please’, which is a song about heartbreak. The production for this track is lush, and in true Huntly style, they’re able to combine differing sounds that compliment one another. The most intriguing part of the track is around three-quarters in where the production is possessed by an animalistic trance. The beat turns possessive and frantic; it’s almost reminiscent of a heartbeat that has lost control.

The next one ‘Kate’s Bed’, is a mellow downtempo track. Elspeth’s vocals glide through the different soundscapes smoothly, and in a dream-like manner, it’s absolutely beautiful. Leading single ‘Templehof’ is experimental R&B at it’s finest, the sensual beats and emotional lyrics work hand-in-hand. The end of the track turns frantic, and it’s perfect.

The last track from the EP is a Nite Fliet remix of ‘Please’, which sees the song turn into a mind-controlling rave. 

Though Songs in Your Name is only short, it capsulizes what Huntly are about and gives listeners a sneak preview into what we can expect from their future projects. We can’t wait to see what they deliver next.

Written by Amy Smolcic

Listen to Songs in Your Name below: