Interview: Adam from Sun Sap Discusses 'Hanging Hearts', Live Shows and Recording on a Farm

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Fresh from playing shows with Hockey Dad and the release of their brand new clip for 'Hanging Hearts', Adam from Sun Sap recently told us more about the clip, live shows, and their plans for 2017.

The video for 'Hanging Hearts' is really cool, how did you come up with the concept?
We had the song all recorded and ready to put out but hadn't gotten a video together for it. I saw a post my friend Mon (Mon Lou Bed) put up of a short flip book style animation she had done. I thought it looked sweet, so I hit her up about doing something for the video. I gave her the lyrics to the song, and she took it from there really. She did a great job as I'm sure putting all those photos together one by one would have been tedious. It was only the second time she had tried animation too, so I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Does the video symbolise any special meaning that you can share?
I really think the flip book style suits the feel of the song. In terms of special meaning, it is all Mon's representation of the lyrics. I like the fact that it is another person's interpretation. To me, it breeds a new life into the song.

You've recently been supporting Hockey Dad, what's the experience been like?
The show on Saturday was wild. Those guys are super nice and put on a screamer of a show. We are super stoked for the gig on Friday up in Newy. It's the first time Sun Sap have played up there, so we are pretty excited to check it out.

What's your favourite thing about live shows?
For me, It's when the crowd gets moving. It can be difficult to play to a room of people when everyone is standing around but the moment they start to shake about it all becomes fun and easy. Free beer goes alright too.

I read somewhere that half of the band live in Sydney and the rest on a farm. Is this still the case? Are there any challenges with this?
Well, Shaun, our drummer has a farm in Gerroa, so we all go down there to do our recording and writing, and if we could, I'm sure we would all live there. A few of the band live in Sydney and a few live in Austinmere/Thirroul and we sort of move in between. It works out pretty easy as we have a base wherever we go. There aren't really any challenges, the drive is nice and there is always a place to crash.

What can we look forward to from Sun Sap this year?
This year we are looking to branch out and play some shows interstate, hopefully on an east coat tour. Our plan musically for the moment is just to keep putting songs out. We have plenty of music in the works, so we are just looking forward to getting that out as soon as possible.

Written by Amy Smolcic