EP of the Week: Sera – Call Me Up

Friday, March 17, 2017

Brisbane pop/alternative band Sera today release their new EP Call Me Up. Recorded at Airlock Studios with producer Yanto Browning, the release stars 4 tracks — including 'Doctor', which is the lead single.

The opener 'Doctor' is infectious (lame attempt at a joke, I know), and catchy as soon as the chorus hits. Instrumentally, the guitars drive the track. Eloise Mitchell's delicate vocals add a much-needed degree of softness to the music. The lyrics are just as catchy, especially in the chorus when she sings 'doctor, I am waiting for you to come save me'. I can ensure you that the chorus will be stuck in your head at some stage during the day.

The EP then moves into 'Heavy Hearts', which is an upbeat change of pace on an instrumental level. It's a paradox, considering that the song is about a break-up. The words are positive though — instead of it being your typical sad break-up song, 'Heavy Hearts' is about moving on and being happy once you've come through the other end. Overall, this track is about the content feeling you get once a bad relationship has ended, and you can find happiness in being by yourself. 

'Letter to Myself' is my personal favourite from the EP. Its words are emotional, and you can feel it. This track has also been beautifully arranged in a way where it compliments the strong lyrical content. 

The final track 'Clear As Ice' features a gentle, yet exquisite, piano that backs Eloise's poignant vocals. The track makes you stop still, and you can sense the emotions brimming. From approximately the 3 minute mark, the percussion builds up progressively. It then dominantly takes over the track for the rest of its duration. 'Clear As Ice' moves from gentle to robust within 1 minute.

Though it's short and sweet, Call Me Up shows us the many sides of Sera, and we look forward to what they do next.

Written by Amy Smolcic