Feature: We Play 'What Song...' With Blyolk

Monday, March 6, 2017

Blyolk first grabbed our attention after the release of his single 'Don Wowry', and we've been hooked ever since. Recently he dropped his new single 'Artshole', and it's a must listen! We asked Blyolk to take us through memory lane and share some of the tunes he loves.

What song reminds you of your high school days?
‘Wasted Days’ by Cloud Nothings, I remember hearing coming across the track, scrolling through music blogs in an English class, the raw, live sounding production by Steve Albini, that clean guitar motif, just really spoke to me and set the tone for band music I was playing for the next few years.  

What song would you love to cover during a live show? 
I’m already expanding my repertoire on tunes from the early 2000’s, we’re already doing a Savage Garden cover. But 'Torn' by Natalie Imbruglia, would have to be next on my list. Such a perfect noughties pop nugget. 

What song brings out your finest dance moves? 
See this is tricky, I'm going to give you the first track that comes to mind... ...'World Of Our Love' by Client Liaison. It’s a total take-off of 80’s pop, but they just do it so well here, and I can’t help but move every time I hear it. 

What song would you make your theme song?
'In Unity' by Null, I've said it before, but it's perfect walk on music for a Blyolk gig.
I’m a lover of late night drives on the freeway, and this song sums those journeys up pretty well. The rest of his EP is also great (link). Null’s also playing at my launch in Melbourne, which is super exciting!

What song do you wish you collaborated on?
Also a tricky question. Hmm, I wish I'd collaborated on ’First World Problem' by Unknown Mortal Orchestra. It’s such a layered, crazy, jazzy weird pop song, I would love to know how they put it together. 

What song is your guilty pleasure? 
‘Whenever, Wherever’ by Shakira, I could jam to that song on pan pipes all day (if I knew how to play them). Amazingly cheesy production, this style of pop needs to make a return, fast.

Blyolk is also set to launch 'Artshole' at The Workers Club in Melbourne on Thursday 9th March!