Gig Review: Toro Y Moi | Oxford Art Factory | Sydney | 09.03.17

Monday, March 13, 2017

Yes yes yes, our favourite American synthy-folk-funker Toro Y Moi came and funked things up at Sydney's Oxford Art Factory on Thursday night, one of the final shows of his Australian leg. 

Chaz Bundick, the creative engineer behind Toro Y Moi, has truly made his mark in the industry as one of the most talented musical and graphic creators around. Each of his releases reflects a tight fusion of his creative abilities, both visually and aurally. Since his debut album in 2010, Bundick has been filling our playlists with songs that you simply can't resist closing your eyes and nodding your head too while sporting a goofy tight-lipped smile.

Whipping out some of their grooviest numbers, we funked down to "Still Sound", "New Beat" and a very welcome encore of "Say That", Toro didn't miss a beat the whole night.  

Amongst it all, the guys on stage all had such a relaxed presence, each of them boasting cheesy smiles and just looking so damn happy to be there. I mean it's hard to have a bad time when you're front and centre slappin' a big old bongo at the OAF, but their easy loungeroom-jam presence added a really special element to the show — one that is very hard to fake!

There's also just something about watching Chaz while he is singing. So silky and slender, it's hypnotising watching how lost he gets in himself while performing. Like if he were sitting one-on-one and serenading me, I wouldn't cry/die of awkwardness. That's a mad compliment btw, cos I'm about as awkward as they get. 

My one criticism, be it minor, that whoever was on the lights was a tad heavy handed on the ol' strobey. It took away from the "chill factor" a little and made it hard to keep all eyes on Chaz who was a bit of a shame (because of the aforementioned non-awkward stuff that's nice to watch).

At the end of the day, a little temporary strobe-induced blindness was well worth it. 

Be sure to hurry back to Oz, Toro. We miss you already! 

Written by Emily Daenell