Interview: A Chat With Jarrod from Dorsal Fins

Monday, March 13, 2017

I chatted to Jarrod from Dorsal Fins on all things Digital Zodiac, their video for 'High Life' and touring. Check it out below.

Emily: Well firstly, congratulations on the release of Digital Zodiac late last year. How does it feel to have it out?
Jarrod: Yeah it's great! We worked really hard on it, it's our second record so we had a bit more of an opportunity to work a little bit more on this record, made it a bit more fluid and we got to dig a little deeper on this one creatively. Liam, Ella and myself wrote most of it, but the band did an amazing job! Yeah, it was a really great, organic experience. 

With so many of you in the band, is it always smooth sailing when it comes to the writing and recording? 
There is a lot more things you can do with a larger ensemble, but in terms of running into obstacles and things like that, um yeah, there are always things that come up, but so far we have had really great opportunities and that has really shaped what we have been able to do rather than limitations.

What it the best part about being part of a talented and dynamic group like Dorsal fins?
Well, first thanks for calling us a dynamic group! That's really awesome to hear! I guess one of the most exciting things is being part of a group that really value what they do creatively, we're lucky enough as a group to have some people who are talented in there own right. Being able to use those resources to create something more.

You have just released a new video for your single 'High Low'. It's filmed in a beautiful forest, can you tell me some more about the filming? How do you guys come up with the ideas for your music videos?
Some of our new videos might be pitched by us, but more often that not it's the director who is inspired by the music to pitch their vision for what it could look like and that was the case for 'High Low'. 

A whole heap of tour dates have just been announced for March and April. How excited are you to be on the road again? 
Yeah! Absolutely! When you have a band that is made up of a lot of people who are you friends, who you play with, it's hard not to have a good time! 

What do you enjoy most about touring?
The performance element for me is always the best part. I also love travelling to different cities and experiencing the different lifestyles. I like the unknown of performing live, not knowing what's going to happen. 

Is there a particular song of 'Digital Zodiac' that you are excited about performing live?
I guess everything off of the new record is still really fresh for us so they are all pretty exciting to play at this stage. 

And so do you guys have any plans for new music this year?
Ideally, it's been in conversation but nothing I can put in a timeline right now. We are pretty busy with the upcoming tour but we are all active writers. We all get together and write a little bit often. But we are definitely looking forward to what might happen beyond this record.

Written by Emily O'Brien

You can catch Dorsal Fins on the road at the below dates:

Fri Mar 17 – The Beach Hotel – Byron Bay NSW 
Sat Mar 18 – The Foundry – Brisbane QLD 
Thur Mar 23 – The Cambridge Hotel – Newcastle NSW
Fri Mar 24 – Newtown Social Club – Sydney NSW
Fri Mar 31 –  Rocket Bar – Adelaide SA 
Sat Apr 1 – Babushka – Perth WA 
Sun Apr 2 – Mojo’s Bar – Fremantle WA