Interview: Kittling Talks All Things 'Joy' and 80s

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kittling recently gave us a little more insight into his track 'Joy', the inspiration behind it, as well as why he finds 80s pop inspiring. 

Congrats on the release of your track ‘Joy’, how did the song come about?
Cheers! "Joy" was the result of a frustrating few months where it felt like I was being pulled in lots of different directions, by lots of different people. I needed to vent, and the chorus for "Joy" just kind of fell out in one go. I don't normally sit down at the piano to write (even though it's my dominant instrument), but this was one of those rare experiences where I wrote the entire song on the piano before taking it to my computer to work on production.

The track features a range of influences including African rhythms & 80’s synth wave, are there any sounds that you would like to experiment with next?
The singles I'm currently finishing work with a similar palette - lots of interesting percussion noises, fused with retro synths and samples. But to answer your Q, I'd really like to push myself to master the art of giving each song its own distinct 'texture', really pushing the sound design aspect of music production. I've also reached out to a couple of vocalists, and it's gonna be a learning curve working with someone else's voice! I'm very much looking forward to it though - I'm sick of myself haha.

What do you love most about the 80s and 80s pop? 
Man, some of the catchiest songs ever are from the 80s. 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody', 'Take On Me', 'Sweet Dreams' etc. The pop music from the late 80s had so much abandon, and a cheeky playfulness that contemporary pop music sometimes lacks. What I like about them is that these are all super-melodic songs as well - the melody hasn't been sacrificed in the process of making an accessible pop track, and that's something I'd like to emulate for sure.

Which act or artist from the 80s would you ask to make a comeback and collaborate with?
Pretty sure Annie Lennox does not need any help from me, but holy hell, if she wanted to work with me I would die (hopefully after we had finished the track). Also, a-ha. Neither of them need 'comebacks', though.

What’s next? Can we expect any more singles soon?
Yesssss! I have quite a few in my back pocket. A summer jam that's a bit of a tropical/synthwave fusion, and a very danceable ode to friends-with-benefits (not kidding - it's the issue of our time). I'm also currently putting together my live show, which will be ready towards the end of the year. That will be very exciting as I haven't performed in aaaaages!

Listen to Kittling's new single 'Joy' below:

Written by Amy Smolcic