Music Video: Thundamentals – 'Sally' (ft. Mataya)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Every 90s kid remembers those mornings when you were awake too early for Cheez TV, so you had no choice but to have a crack at that half-hour of Aerobics Oz Style. I bet you loved it, but would never admit it. I bet you also felt like a pro while you were at it. Bet you actually looked stupid as hell, but at least you had a great time trying, right? Well here’s a music video that’s all about you.

Aussie hip hop crew Thundamentals have taken ironic ‘uncool’ and channelled their inner Jane Fondas, to bring you the 80’s aerobic-style video clip for ‘Sally’. Accented with the warm vocals of Mataya, who seems to embody the quiet perfection of the song’s protagonist, the song is a sweet little ode to a loveable goofball. That goofball is Sally, who’s got two left feet but is so damn fine that it doesn’t even matter. As Jeswon alluded to himself, you can picture someone reminiscent of Seinfeld’s Elaine Benes. 

The clip is directed by Bryn Chainey and produced by Mark Taylor from Paper Moose and sees the boys donning terrible mullets and multi-coloured workout attire. They demonstrate their significant (lack of) agility and completely (un)coordinated dance moves. But it’s loveable. It’s relatable. It’s the little bedroom dancer inside of all of us that just wants to be careless and have a great time (and maybe hope that someone will admire us anyway).

Written by Rebecca Costanzo