Music Video: Vera Blue – 'Private'

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The video for Vera Blue’s 'Private' starts peacefully enough — It’s dark, it’s moody, and it’s a little eerie. The imagery is almost horror-movie like, while Vera Blue brushes her long red hair by candlelight, donning a lace dress that comes up to her neck. Gracefully she bends over to supposedly kiss the gentleman in the bed, and then…

Bam! The chorus punches you both visually and acoustically. The clip takes a turn, and we’re faced with some Wuthering Heights-type tale crossed with a satanic ritual. Vera sits upon her candlelit throne, as the man in the bed levitates and thrashes in his sheets. It’s like bearing witness to an exorcism, while the songstress screams under her thin black veil.

The final scene mirrors the opening one, with Vera standing on the edge of a cliff in the dark, waves thrashing up around her feet. We watch him stumble up behind her, as she turns and gives him a coy little smile. This is the moment where you can see the parallels to Heathcliff and Kathy, just as Vera’s lyrics belt out a frustrating story of unattainable desire and obsession.

This track may be the emancipation of Celia Pavey, so sit back and watch as the enigmatic and compelling Vera Blue rises from the ashes. 

Written by Rebecca Costanzo

You can catch her on tour at the below dates:
Thurs 20 April – Factory Theatre - Sydney - SOLD OUT
Fri 21 April - Fat Controller - Adelaide
Sat 22 April - Capitol - Perth
Mon 24 April  - Corner Hotel, Melbourne - SOLD OUT
Tues 25 April -  Corner Hotel - Melbourne - SOLD OUT
Sat 29 April  - The Zoo - Brisbane