Single Review: Cohenbeats ft Quelle Chris — 'Daily Affirmations'

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Known for his beats having a Middle Eastern focus, prominent producer Cohenbeats has released newest track, 'Daily Affirmations', featuring rising star Quelle Chris. 

'Daily Affirmations' is an interesting track, and a personal one to the artist — although that should come as no surprise as it bears the same namesake to its album. Its groovy, chill beats are initially misleading to the song’s intentions. You’re more inclined to listen to the tunes, instead of the lyrics. The music is rhythmic and flows well with the rapping. You feel like you’re crushing through Los Angeles after dark. 

But there’s a deeper story behind this song, despite first impressions. This track is quite literally Cohenbeats’ daily affirmation to keep striving for success and to keep doing what he loves. Despite being back in Tel Aviv, he is still producing music reminiscent of Los Angeles vibes, tightly-clung dreams. Lyrics of ‘I'm good enough/Smart enough/God damn it, people like me’ serve to give that motivation back. Short, strong and forceful—like tequila shots—driving home the need to self-believe. 

Daily Affirmations is a great, light hit to listen to, a sweet three-minute-sized package of smooth back vocals, steady pulsing raps and clean beats. Like the song says, ‘Let the music talk’, and give this track a listen.

Written by Suzan Calimli