Single Review: Saskwatch – 'December Nights'

Monday, March 13, 2017

Melbourne Indie-Funk royalty Saskwatch has once again given listeners another reason to dance with their new track ‘December Nights’. The track is the first single from the band’s upcoming fourth studio album, and it bleeds good vibes. 

The driving bass line throughout the track works to keep the song grounded while a flutter of strings, flutes, harps, bells and animal sounds dance through the soundscape. As a whole, the track is a step towards a more synthesised and eclectic instrumental sound layered with reverb-drenched vocals. This is indicative of the group’s evolution away from older works such as ‘Born To Break Your Heart’, with this single and the forthcoming album being self-produced & mixed alongside engineer and friend Callum John Barter at Newmarket Studios.

When asked about the meaning of ‘December Nights’ the group’s Trumpeter/Songwriter Liam Mcgorry said in a statement that the song is “about memory, and the power it can hold over you, working to break down the mental barriers you set up for yourself…and the bliss you can feel once you do. The helping hand of a classic mate.” 

With a new lineup, a new album on the way, and a new sound we can expect to hear big things from Saskwatch. 

Written by Peter Rowlands