Video Review: Elliot Moss – ‘Closedloop’

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Elliot Moss has collaborated with Daniel and Caleb from RC Test Flight to create a surreal music video for ‘Closedloop’, the lead song from Moss’s upcoming EP Boomerang. The video works in unison with the song to visualise the metaphor of escapism.

The video opens with an image of a girl’s eye looking upward. As Moss begins to sing, her eye closes, as if lulled by his silky voice. This introduces us to the theme of escapism; that all we need to do to escape reality is close our eyes and dream. 

However, Moss presents us with a subtle duality with his choice of instruments. The music for this song is quite simple — a drumbeat coupled with a synth. The drum beat opens the song, representing our grasp on reality. The beat is constant and never lets up, just as our grasp on reality is constant and never lets up. The synth represents our grasp on surrealism and plays on top of the beat. However, unlike the drums, the synth fades in and out, briefly giving way to the drums on multiple occasions. 

This feeds into the notion that our grasp of the surreal is fragile and an escape is only temporary. 

To tie that in with the video, the beat plays for the first five seconds of the song while the video maintains a close-up of the girl’s eye. After this, the synth plays and the video smash cuts to an aerial panning shot of Utah’s Goblin Valley. The harsh shadows and high contrast distort the landscape and make it seem like you’re floating above it, almost as if you were dreaming. Since the synth represents surrealism, it makes sense that it only begins to play when a dreamy landscape is shown to us. 

The rest of the video is made up of more aerial panning shots of Goblin Valley, but it works well with Moss’s voice and lyrics of wishing “the world would all slow down”. Each shot is as dreamy as the last, but what’s noteworthy is that all the landscapes are static until one of the final shots. 

During the last minute and a half of the video, the synth gives the limelight to the drum beat, signifying a return to reality.The camera lingers on a coursing river at 3:22, which goes against the lyrics. The world isn’t slowing down anymore; the escape is over and finally return to reality when the girl opens her eyes at the very end of the video.

Written by Michael Vo