Event Review: Bad Friday | Marrickville | Sydney | 14.04.17

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Photo credit: Architects of Entertainment

Bad Friday
was the answer to every shitty stigma the live music scene in Sydney has copped of late. Not to play down how much being babysat by 60+-year-old white men sucks, it’s just refreshing to be able to be part of an event that boasted such an amazing line of local acts — it really was the ultimate way to let scream at those babysitters “you’re not my real dad!”

The scene was picture perfect. Advertised as a street party with the aesthetics to match — there were pinball machines and an air hockey table. As well as an open-mic piano lounge where any punter could get up and get involved and (my personal favourite) a tent blasting every single tune from the 60s through to the 90s to funk right down to during intermissions. The added bonus of the planes swooping in from above and the trains choo-ing around in the background added somewhat of a simplicity to the whole day — we were literally in a street in the middle of the inner-west listening to some top shelf Aussie acts!

Musically, my day started off with the buzzing Green Buzzard — an outfit I’ve been keen to see for a while. 'Do You Ever Glow' & 'Dream In/Out' being the stand-outs, the guys seemed to easily push past a few technical problems and kick things off with their summery riffs!

Wollongong’s Shining Bird then gave us a few smooth sax-soaked tunes, leading us into one of the day’s (unpredictable) highlights.

A Band’s The Last Waltz tribute was possibly one of the greatest hybrid bands you could come across. Figures from Sticky Fingers, The Preatures, Delta Riggs & Gideon Benson paved the foundation for an incredible set that featured Hayley from the Jezabels, King Tide’s Tony Hughes & Joyride. Smashing out hits like 'I Shall Be Released' & 'The Weight', the stage was packed with big names and even bigger energy. The crowd was absolutely beaming, it was incredible watching the excitement flood punters faces getting caught up in spotting stars on the stage while being so wrapped up in the music. All I can really say is that I hope for the sake of those who missed it and those who didn’t (i.e., everyone) this wasn’t a one-off performance!

Sampha The Great welcomed in the night in the only way she knows how. Her presence, her set, her music, — she was just so powerful! Not an ounce of sweet sass was left backstage. Calling out all her queens to the front while she smashed out F E M A L E, it was incredible to witness how humbled she was — praising the crowd for their energy and “dope”-ness. Sampha, it was all you girl. We love you!

Personally, the Jezabels were my pick of the bunch. Opening with 'Mace Spray', Hayley never missed a beat and had me absolutely riddled with goosebumps during the whole set. She is a true rock goddess. Surfing her way through the crowd (and even razzing the nuffy who thought it was more important to ‘gram the moment than to actually catch her). She climbed up the scaffolding up the side of the mosh, hanging off the bars while nailing every note in 'Hurt Me', and just floated back throw the crowd like it was literally not a thing. Every time I see these guys they just get better and better.

The DMAs ended the night with a bang, proving why they’re one of the biggest names in Aussie music right now. 'Step Up the Morphine' and 'Delete' all made appearances with the crowd singing every word.

The whole vibe of the day was on point. The food was tasty AF and didn’t drain the pockets. Bar & toilet lines were congested at times, but nothing out of the ordinary. It was just one massive house party outside of all o’ y'all houses.

Moral of the story, lock-out laws are shitty — but live music will always kick on. And if you won’t let us listen to it inside, we will just play outside in the streets instead! Here’s to much more Bad (yet fucking sick) Fridays! 

Written by Emily Daenell