Gig Review: Confidence Man | Newtown Social Club | Sydney | 7.04.17

Monday, April 10, 2017
Photo credit: Rahkela

Confidence Man became a uni-sharehouse-hold-name last year when they released their debut single 'Boyfriend (Repeat)'. In the interest of giving you all my whole-heartedly honest opinion of their live show, I should probably disclose that when it was released, I would change stations every time this song came on. It just wasn't for me! But a fateful turn of events (i.e timetable reschedule) at a NYE festival - I realised that I had found my spirit animal in the form of a really, really sick bank. 

The four-piece have set off on their Hard Candy tour around Australia, and on Friday they showed Newtown Social Club exactly why they're the ones to watch for 2017. 

Confidence Man has almost developed a new genre of dance music. Their self-proclaimed "Self-help book" style lyrics that are pretty much a compilation of every thought any twenty-something-year-old has ever thought, backed by some of the catchiest dance beats that we have heard in a while. 

Their sound is executed perfectly live, so much so that you literally will not be able to stop dancing from start to finish — even if you've had to duck off to buy a drink or pee quickly. So that's all well and good — but they somehow also manage to rock ridiculously cool matching(ish) Adams Family-esque costumes just because, ya'know?

But then there's the dancing. Oh gosh, the dancing. Every acts live dance show will now be assessed on a scale of 1 — Confidence Man. So simple that it's god damn genius. Perfectly in sync, goofy, douchey, dad-joke-of-the-dance-styles moves that have the whole crowd following like some sort of cult. All without cracking a smile the whole time! 

Even if you're not much of a fan of what you hear on the wireless, get down to see Confidence Man at any chance you get. You won't regret it. Any passed up opportunity to see these guys live is just a gosh darn travesty really. 

Written by Emily Daenell