Interview: A Chat With...John-Henry from Polish Club

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Before the album dropped, I chatted to John-Henry from Polish Club about the album, his ideal party and what you can expect from a Polish Club show.

Emily: Your single 'Come Party' is out. Can you tell me how that all came together?
John-Henry: We had recorded the drums and the guitars together, and then Dave went to the toilet and came back and changed the chorus, saying that he wanted it to be more sing-along-able, so he just made up the come party thing, and that’s how it happened! 

(Laughs) That sounds awesome! Now how would you describe the ultimate Polish Club party?
I think Dave’s dream party would be him hanging in a room with no pants on playing play station eating chips or something! And my dream party would be something that’s not too messy to clean up later, other than that, I’m not fussed. 

What was the writing and recording process like for your new album Alright Already?
Well, we started like 2 years ago and we wrote pretty quickly. We would get together and just jam it out and come out with like 5 or 6 ideas. Then we would sift through it and try to avoid the shit ones (laughs).

Are there any secrets you can share about the new album?
Um, my Dad plays accordion on one of the songs, it's not really a secret, but it’s on there. On one of the songs called 'Broke', I banged my hand when I was recording it and I was swearing and walked out of the room, but that’s not really a secret either, you can hear it on the recording (laughs). 

Now you have some major tour dates around the country starting in May, what do you enjoy most about live shows?
Just that feeling, especially now that we have people who actually want to see us and who actually listen to our songs, it’s just really nice when you play to those people that are engaged with you and when they sing-along. It’s also nice getting hot and sweaty and physical with a good mate, it’s just good. 

And what can we expect to see at a Polish Club show?
You will see us get really sweaty, play songs really fast, probably too fast sometimes, and then some songs slower, Dave’s pretty good at banter, talking to the crowd and stuff like that. Basically we just give it everything we’ve got every time and hope that people appreciate that. 

Do you have a favourite song off the new album that you excited to play live?
My favourite one is probably called 'My Delight'. At the beginning it was kind of a boring song, a lot like another one of our songs, then we re-did it, made it more interesting and I thought, “I dig it!”

And so what’s on for after this album tour? Are you going to be resting up or go straight back into working?
I want to record another album by the end of the year. Hopefully go overseas for a little bit, but I’m not sure yet. At the moment we're concentrating on just surviving this tour. 

Written by Emily O'Brien

You can catch Polish Club at the below dates:
Fri 5th May - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney 
Sat 6th May - Narara Festival, Kariong 
Thu 11th May - Small Ballroom, Newcastle 
Fri 12th May - Rad Bar, Wollongong
Sat 13th May - Republic Bar, Hobart
Fri 19th May - Rocket Bar, Adelaide 
Sat 20th May - Amplifier, Perth 
Thu 25th May -  The Foundry, Brisbane 
Fri 26th May - Elsewhere, Gold Coast 
Sat 27th May - Big Pineapple Festival, Woombye
Thu 1st Jun - The Transit Bar, Canberra 
Fri 2nd Jun - Workers Club, Geelong 
Sat 3rd Jun - The Corner, Melbourne