Single Review: Dillon Francis – 'Say Less' ft. G-Eazy

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hip-hop has always had a taste for seat-swapping kids with adults. Dillon Francis? G-Eazy? AND featuring an interracial minimal video-clip featuring a fried pill omelette on a pan? Jeez, G-Eazy really needs to watch his vernacular.

A rebellious tone-shift to get your middle fingers up, it just feels good. You'd be a monster if you banged this at the club. Lyrically, not much makes sense in this song, but G-Eazy's mellow moaning vocals are ill. Say less, right? SHEESH, this would be great when you're mellow yourself...

That's what this song really represents lyrically. Our generation, although confusing and scary, is 'not complicated'. We like getting fucked up, it doesn't have to make sense. I swear this guy has snares for days, the sub bass is also good. It'd be good to see more experimental work, which a lot of artists are doing nowadays. Reverse bass drops that sound like the sub is sucking you in, and you're on the ball.

"Please, Say, Less"

Written by Artem Davydoff